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Slow Load

The tutorials page is fixed to no longer attempt to load all of those tutorial videos. Instead you must click the tutorial title or one of the category anchor links at the top of each tutorial. Each tutorial also has a breadcrumb footer that can be used to navigate the tutorial better.

I wish I had more control of how that specific page was displayed but without spending a lot of time on it at the moment I figured it was best to wait until the layout design was finished. Then I can fine tune each of our pages and for now make sure it’s readable.

Still more work to be done, including moving the programming section of the tutorial, adding in the short tutorials I had posted on the original forums, and then following content updates I’m calling this done for now.

New Rig

I’ve just finished spending the day researching parts, prices, specs, and then adjusting to fit within a budget. I’m exhausted since it’s so hard to keep up with the latest technology, their average price, then web surfing to make sure you’re getting the best price or deal. actually turned out the winner with hands-down the lowest prices including shipping.

If anyone is interested in what I purchased. I started with a new mid tower (IN WIN MANA 134) since the new power supply Jamie bought me is too small for my current full tower. I got this on a good coupon sale that I just had to add to NewEgg shopping cart that made it the cheapest tower with USB 3.0 on the front. It doesn’t half look bad either.

A MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard which I had selected from preferred specs such as Core i3/i5/i7, 32GB max ram, 2 PCI-E 3.0 slots, 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots, and SATA 6gb/s. This is the cheapest for my preferred specs and it just so happens to have a mail-in rebate, instant rebate, and a free 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance memory.

I went with a quad core, so for the best price of the day I got an Intel Core i5-3570 3.4GHz CPU that should fit the motherboard nice. I had to keep changing the CPU I wanted to purchase and I finally went with this one.

The graphics card, probably the most interesting for game developers and players. I didn’t have much of a budget left after the CPU, motherboard, and case. What I ended up with is a MSI N650Ti-1GD5 GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB and the reasons are; 1) the rebate, 2) the cheapest card with the most cores due to the rebate.

Last, I needed to make sure the recent problems aren’t due to the power/electricity in this house, so I purchased a CyberPower CP350SLG UPS to protect against surge and give me backup/saving battery time.

Without problems or delay, I hope to be back to game development within 4-7 days from today, and with a bit of gaming to try the speeds.


Moving Tutorials

For the moment I feel the need to move the tutorial over to the official website. This will be a long process but the modeling, rigging, and animation section will be finished today. The programming is a different story since it involves a lot of text and pictures, instead of videos.

You can still use the original tutorials, they’re not going anywhere until everything is moved. Source packages are still available temporarily to donors and soon they will be moved to a third party. This is to help with our overall server usage.

Refreshing the tutorials section you should notice posts constantly being added.


Updates on Construction

We are still technically under construction but the backup restoration work is finished for Magic Stone tutorial and the RATS game project. Feel free to use the forums and register to post comments, threads, or just some feedback.

The website is perfectly useable, just don’t be surprised if the layout or color theme is displaying oddly. Please report those pages on the forums.


At this moment my borrowed laptop decided it doesn’t want to operate correctly anymore and instead refuse to run Windows normally, however still boot up, but refuse to play sound or accept USB input at all. No headset, mouse, or internet. If it wasn’t already bad enough.

Jamie has been working hard on the maps. He had posted screens not long ago on his Steam account and hopefully he will show them here. I would copy them myself but that is just a little more time consuming when using a Droid Razor to do everything.

After GUI, AI to map polishing, final touches, and we are ready to present Beta. More about that soon.

Feb 2013

Once again trying out another CMS and Forum combination and this may be a winner. For now I will be using this theme credited below but eventually have our own layout. There was one planned just never had the time to put it all together.

This blog is also a quick blog for testing but I am certain everything is working fine. I need to add more forums though.

Welcome to Magic Stone Studios

Again, this is still under construction, but feel free to refresh to see live updates.