3D Masons – Game Development, UDK Starter Kits, UDK Frameworks, and Tools

3D Masons has released the “UDK FPS/RPG Framework 3.0” for preorder. “The FPS framework is essentially a set of assets and scripts that binds the gap between what Unreal Development Kit provides and what a modern FPS is expected to have. There are hundreds of features that are standard in FPS games of today, these features all have to operate correctly, be kept updated with engine development, and work seamlessly over network.” The “FPS Framework” provides a full modern first-person role-playing game that supports a separate game layer to build your UDK games upon for rapid prototyping and commercial development. Read more information at: www.3dmasons.com.

3D Masons is owned and operated by Paul William Thomas, COO, and Lead Programmer of Magic Stone Studios, LLC..



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